Explained: Job Interview Questions For A Teacher

Interviews stress many people, not just the beginners but also the experienced tend to get nervous when they attend an interview. There are different types of interviews, whether you are having face to face interview or digital interview or even telephonic interview. Al though many people slightly get nervous during interviews, the process can be fun and you can showcase your communication abilities and know if the company is proper for you. In this article we write about very common Job Interview Questions For A Teacher and the way to answer them.

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Here are the most frequently asked Job Interview Questions For A Teacher:

Tell me about yourself:

When someone asks this this question in the interview, they are asking to know about your professional experience and background. So, don’t stress out explaining too much about yourself, tell your name, place and education along with the specializations. Tell about your hobbies only if they influence your professional life. Both interviewer and you will know if you fit in the company from this question.

Why did you choose this profession:

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Being a teacher requires lot of patience and is also stressful. Find specific answers as to why you are motivated to become a teacher and what keeps that motivation going.

What is your philosophy of teaching:

Learn about the institution you are attending interview. Never tell that you believe in structured education and learning for an unstructured institution. Use STAR approach to answer this question. That means a Situation, Task, Action, Result.

What qualities students look up in teachers:

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In order to answer this question, you have to think yourself as a student and imagine the qualities you look up to the teacher. This perspective helps to narrow down the trouble of answering this question. Talk about passion, credibility of information and knowledge. There might be different styles of teaching and students understand these styles differently. But the passion and the drive inside is what makes a teacher outstanding.

What role does discipline play in learning:

Being a teacher means dealing with lot of stressful frustrated situations. Especially the discipline issues of students in the everyday institutional activity. Its important for you to explain the importance of discipline in the daily life and especially in student life and the role it plays inside class. Discipline is an important step in the learning process and helps in maintaining the effective learning atmosphere.

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These are the basic Job Interview Questions For a Teacher and the ways to answer them and nail the interview. All the best.